Wine & Produce

Our produce boxes are built with quality board material to insure product safety

Grand Mesa Packaging is proud to serve all of our local fruit and vegetable growers. You can image your own shipments to increase brand awareness and loyalty for years to come. Ask us how!

Wine & Beverage Shippers

Grand Mesa Packaging currently offers 5 different sized cartons to choose from.  The superior quality of these wine boxes will insure that your wine arrives to its destination safely. Available in 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12-Bottle Shippers.
Wine Bottle and Beverage Packing Mailing and Shippers from Grand Mesa Packaging

Wine Bags​ 

Our line of wine bags are meticulously crafted and made with recycled paper right here in the U.S. These fine bags are available by the case in either white w/grapes or Kraft (brown) w/grapes. Excellent choice for Wineries and Liquor Stores! Custom print is also available, please ask how!

Produce Packaging

We stock many different sizes of boxes and bags for fruits and vegetables. Custom sized boxes/bags and custom printing is available.

1/2 Layer Metric
1/2 Layer Metric                10# Lug 2 Piece                 16 # Lug

Tomato Box                1 & 2 Layer Metrics             12 and 24 Peach Shipper Sets

  7# Only                            5 #, 7# and 10#         Large Orchard or Medium Fields

 Current Options Include: 

  1 Peck Tray, Kraft
10# Lug (2 Pieces), White
16# Lug 1 (Piece), White
 1 & 2 Layer Metrics, White 
1/2 Single Layer Metrics, Kraft
 8-9 Peach Tray, Kraft
 Tomato Box, Kraft
 1/2 Bushels, White
 4/5 Bushels, White
Full Bushels, White
9, 12 or 24-Peach Shippers, White
 Berry Trays, Kraft
Cherry Bags and Market Boxes
Foam Protectors
Clamshells (Plastic and Pulp)
Mini 2# Plain Bags
Junior 3# Plain Bags
Cadet 5# Printed "Locally Grown"
Prep 7# Printed "Locally Grown"
7# Printed Peach
Jumbo 10# Printed "Locally Grown"
King 15# Plain
Senior 16# Plain
T-Shirt Thank You Bags

If you would like to be contacted about Colorado Grown produce packaging options give us a call.
Please let us know if you would like information on how to leverage buying in quantity with other local farms. The time to strategize is now!

We strive to provide local, fast and friendly service, support, and delivery.
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